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Dress Code/Cell Phone Policy

                                                                                       DRESS CODE


     Students are required to wear school uniforms as a condition of school acceptance and participation.  S.T.A.R.S. Academy maintains a strict dress code policy for our students. All students are required to wear a black STARS Academy T-shirt, polo or sweatshirt with STARS logo on it.  Students must also wear plain khaki/tan pants (no shorts, dresses or cargo pants permitted). 

     Physical Education uniform consists of black STARS Academy T-shirt and sweatpants with sneakers.  NO JEANS, DRESSES OR SANDALS/FLIPFLOPS!!!!   Physical Education takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Paterson YMCA.   


       The District recognizes that styles of grooming and dress communicate individual preferences and can influence student behavior and enhance a school’s learning environment. Students are expected to dress appropriately for school – this means being clean and well groomed in appearance, avoiding styles of dress and grooming that disrupt the school environment or distract other students. Such limitations on a student’s taste and individuality are necessary to achieve the educational goals of the school.

      Styles that interfere with the school’s educational program and mission of the school will not be tolerated. Clothing or accessories that pose a danger to the health or safety of students, staff, or are injurious to school property are prohibited. Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing and may be required to wear a school uniform. Those who do not follow the school’s dress code or uniform requirements may be disciplined. Students who violate the dress code may be removed from class until a parent/guardian arrives and provides appropriate attire. To prevent the loss of class time, parents/guardians are reminded to monitor their children’s attire before they leave for school. 


Students are expected to wear school uniforms.

 Hats, hoods, scarves, or other head coverings cannot be worn except for religious or medical purposes.

 Coats and jackets should be placed in lockers or other designated storage areas during school hours unless instructed otherwise by school officials.

 Platform shoes, flip-flops, slippers, open-back strapless shoes, and shoes with loose or untied laces or straps which pose a safety hazard are not permitted.

 Clothing that is revealing, provocative, or see-through is not permitted.

 Sagging pants and exposed undergarments or midriffs (belly shirts) are not acceptable.

 Shorts and skirts must come down to the length of the student’s extended fingertips

 Spandex clothing is permitted in P.E. classes only.

 Hanging pocket chains, sunglasses, hats, head rags, handkerchiefs, bandanas, gang paraphernalia and clothing that displays profanity or encourages gang affiliation, violence or the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or has sexual connotations is not permitted.

 Unless the school has a uniform for physical education classes, students participating in physical education class are permitted to wear any color shorts or sweatpants and t-shirt without penalty. Refusal to comply with the dress code may result in a Category I Discipline referral.


The STARS Academy uniforms can be purchased directly at:   United School Uniforms (formally Kids Palace), 301 Main Street, Paterson, NJ  07505 (INSIDE CENTER CITY MALL),  973-279-7004 .  You can receive a discount just by mentioning the name of your school.  



                                                                 CELL PHONE POLICY



S.T.A.R.S. Academy students are not permitted to keep or use personal cell/smart phones or other electronic devices such as IPads, tablets or computers with them during school hours. These devices distract students from learning during their instructional time and are not necessary for emergency communication during the school day. All emergency phone calls from parents to students or vice versa will be made through the school telephone located in the main office.  All students will be expected to surrender their cell/smart phone and any other electronic device to school security as they enter the school each morning and retrieve them at the end of the day as they exit. While we make every effort to safely and securely store all confiscated cell/smart phones and other electronic devices throughout the day, we are not responsible for theft, loss or damage. It is therefore recommended that students do not bring any electronic devices to school.